Artist Statement

I paint to create a space for myself that is colorful, tactile and engaging; a space that breathes off to the left of routine. My subjects live in a world of bright shapes and texture. My intention is to bring in an engaging experience for both senses of sight and touch. I'm inspired by the vibrant colors of my childhood in Africa, along with the environmental consciousness of the Pacific NW. My art is an expression of my state of mind - which is usually whimsical, sometimes dark...but generally optimistic. My intent is to work within the frame-work of re-purposing every day materials to create something new and unique in the world. 

I have exhibited and sold all over the greater Seattle area. 


I spent my childhood in Zimbabwe and my teens in Israel.  I earned a BA in Radio and TV Arts in Toronto.   I discovered painting in North Seattle, where I live with my two little boys.


© 2019 by Ruty Daniels​

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